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Kozak System

The musical group "KOZAK SYSTEM" has been able to listen to musical works for many years - it is a modern musical group that performs tracks in the style of rock. The band members regularly perform on behalf of Ukraine at multiple concerts around the world.

The project was created in the capital of Ukraine in 2012. The talented composition of the "Gaydamaki" collective was the musicians who became participants.

By 2017, the performers already had three released musical compositions under the names "Saber", "Homing Songs" and "Live and Love".

The project includes such musical instruments as drums, trumpet, bass, guitar and accordion. And, of course, there is a vocalist. For the entire time period that the group has existed, they have already managed to organize a tour of 18 countries around the globe.

2012 was remembered for the guys of "Gaidamakov" by the fact that they were faced with the fact that they decided to collectively change the name of the group to "KOZAK SYSTEM". Their composition remains the same, and Ivan Lena became the soloist of the new project.

The musicians' debut performance took place in late spring in 2012 in Ternopil. They perceive the 20th of May as the official day of the creation of the updated project.

In the middle of autumn 2012, the group begins to cooperate with highly demanded poets, musicians and artists of Ukraine. They jointly present their debut disc, recorded at a professional recording studio - "SABLYA".

During the first year of the group's existence, two videos were filmed for compositions from the original collection "Saber" and "So Seductive". For all lovers of creativity of the musical collective "kozak system" the songs of the group are like a balm for the soul during the concert.

In 2013, the collective begins touring the territory of Ukraine and Europe, giving concerts that have come to the liking of a huge number of fans.

A year later, fans of the project have the opportunity to hear the disc "Homing Songs", recorded together with Taras Chubai. The disc combines two musical styles that Vladimir Sherstyuk, who plays the bass guitar in the project, decided to combine. Among the compositions one can hear Cossack motives, among which one can find out the texts of the popular poets Kostya Moskalets and Bogdan Igor-Antonich.

In the summer of 2014, the band took part in a television festival in Poland, where they performed on the same stage with Marylya Rodovich, with whom they performed the single "I wartoczekać". The fans of the project (specifically 4.7 million people) watched the performance in an online broadcast on TVP1.

In 2015, in the spring, the third collection "Live and Love" was presented. There is not only a Russian, but also a Polish version of the disc, which was presented at a large-scale performance at the Atlas club.

2017th year.

In early spring, the composition of the project "Not Mine" won first place on the "Single of the Year", when the awards were held at the radio station "Jam FM". The track has taken the leading position for the entire time of being in the chart. For all fans of the creativity of the group "Kozak Systems" the YouTube channel allows you to listen to most of the compositions performed by the group.

At the same time, there is a presentation of the newly made track "My Friend", which was recorded together with Sashko Polozhinsky and Yarmak.

In 2018, "Kozak System" will be among the contestants for the Eurovision Song Contest. In good quality, all fans and fans of the Kozak Systems group can download musical compositions on the official website.